Refractory Aggregate

Refractory aggregate is a kind of refractory pellet which is the composition of refractory material. It is made of various refractory materials which is sintered, broken and process. The granularity is usually over 0.088mm. As the main material in the refractory, refractory aggregate take a big part of the compositions. Therefore, the name of monolithic refractory comes from the aggregate material.

Refractory Aggregate Can Improve the Strength of Refractory
Refractory Aggregate of Rongsheng

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Description of Refractory Aggregate

Refractory aggregate is a refractory material for making monolithic refractory. As the main composition of refractory, refractory aggregate material usually takes a proportion of 60%~75%. Due to the large proportion, the types of refractory aggregate decide the types of the monolithic refractory.

Refractory Aggregate Material Takes the Form of Particles
Refractory Aggregate Material of Rongsheng

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For instance, the refractory castable made of high bauxite is called high alumina refractory castable. As the materials which is framework of refractory castable, refractory aggregate takes the form of particle which can improve the strength of refractory products.

Types of High Temperature Refractory Aggregate

  • According to material, refractory aggregate can be divided into clay refractory aggregate, high alumina refractory aggregate, corundum refractory aggregate, siliceous refractory aggregate, magnesia refractory aggregate, magnesia alumina spinel refractory aggregate and so on.
  • According to porosity, refractory aggregate can be divided into compact refractory aggregate and lightweight refractory aggregate. The former refers to the aggregate with over 30% porosity, which can be further divided into super dense aggregate with porosity less 3%, high dense aggregate with 3%~30% porosity and ordinary dense aggregate with 10%~30%. The latter refers to the aggregate with porosity over 45%, which can also be further divided into ordinary lightweight aggregate with 45%~80% porosity, super lightweight aggregate with porosity over 80%.
  • According to granularity, refractory aggregate can be divided into coarse aggregate, medium particle and fine aggregate. These three types of refractory aggregate takes a different proportion in making refractory castable. Generally, the proportion is 35~45, 30~40, 15~25 separately. With various usage, the specific proportion is different.

Technical Parameters of the Refractory Aggregate

Item Mullite Aggregate High Alumina Aggregate Clay Aggregate Super Light Clay Aggregate
AL2O3% ≥60 ≥50 ≥40 ≥35
Fe2O3% 2.0~3.0 2.0~3.0 2.0~3.0 ≤3.0
Bulk Density 0.8~1.6 0.8~1.6 0.8~1.6 ≤0.70
Refractory Temperature℃ ≥1750 ≥1730 ≥1670 ≥1580
Granularity Decided by the specific demand

Applications of Refractory Aggregates

Refractory aggregate is usually used in the making of monolithic refractory which is widely used in many industries such as power industry, metallurgy industry, petroleum industry and so on.

Where to Buy Refractory Aggregate

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