Ultra Low Cement Castable

Ultra low cement castable is a kind of monolithic refractory castable which can service at the temperature of over 1550℃ in Rongsheng refractory. It mainly consists of refractory aggregate, powder and aluminate cement as its binder, in which the amount of cement is less than 1.0%. Due to low amount of CaO, this castable material has high refractory temperature, high strength under high temperature and good slag-resistance performance. In addition, ultra low cement castable refractory has low porosity, high bulk density.

Ultra low cement castable is widely used in metallurgical industry, petrochemical industry, power plant, construction field and other industries. It has many types, which means it can be used on different parts of the kilns and furnaces. For instance, ultra low cement high alumina chrome castable can be used on the slide and platform of the heating furnace.

Ultra Low Cement Refractory Castable
Ultra Low Cement Refractory Castable

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Description of Ultra-Low Cement Castable

Ultra low cement castable is a refractory with sound performance which has both general advantages of refractory castable and its special strength. With the replacement of superfine powder to part of cement binder, this castable’s performance has been improved greatly. It is wear-resistant which is for the reason of little amount of cement. And also, with the increasing of temperature, its strength  can get improved, which is good for its service under high temperature.

As we all know, the development trend of refractory is decreasing the amount of cement. Therefore, the ultra low cement castable is getting popular in refractory castable field for its superior strength. For instance, the sinter zone of the cement rotary kiln usually uses ultra low cement castable which can not only suit for all kinds of shapes but also withstand the high temperature, scouring and slag-erosion.

Technical Parameters of Ultra Low Cement Castable

Items High Alumina Corundum
Refractory Temperature℃  1750      (1400℃×3h) 1790      (1400℃×3h)
Bulk Density g/m3 2.5 3.0
Linear Dimensional Change% ±0.5 ±0.5

The Comparison between Low Cement Castable and Ultra-Low Cement Castable

Item CaO%≤ Advantages Application
Low Cement Castble 2.5 High refractory temperature, strength,  high anti – slag corrosion resistance, low porosity, high bulk density, meet a variety of special-shaped design, Shorten the baking time


High aluminium: used on rear entrance of the cement kiln, kiln hood, rear end of the cooler

Corundum: grate cooler of cement kiln, kiln hood, tertiary

Mullite: Front kiln eye of large cement kiln, coal burner

Ultra Low Cement Castable 1.0 A little higher refractory temperature, strength, anti – slag corrosion resistance than low cement castable, low porosity, high bulk density, meet a variety of special-shaped design, shorten the baking time
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Ultra low cement castable is similar to low cement castable and its performance is better than low cement due to lower amount of cement. They are both castable with high-quality. Rongsheng Kiln Refractory Co. Ltd adheres to innovation and keeps struggling to be refractory material manufacturer which take a leading part in this field. After struggling over two decades, our company has taken a big step in refractory material and equipped enough power to provide our customers with high quality products.

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