High Alumina Mortar

High alumina mortar is the monolithic refractory and refractory mortar used for filling up the seam of refractory masonry. And it is also called joint material, which is made of refractory powder, aluminum powder, binder and additive with a certain of proportion separately. It usually takes the form of powder, and some water or liquid binder is added into it when construction.

High Alumina Mortar
High Alumina Mortar of Rongsheng

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The main composition of high alumina mortar is Al2O3 whose amount is decided by the applied areas. High alumina mortar material is widely used in various furnaces and kilns. For instance, it can be used on the upper part of the hot stove. High alumina mortar is widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, construction industry, and so on.

Technical Parameters of High Alumina Refractory Mortar

Item LN-55A LN-55B LN-65A LN-65B
Refractory temperature℃≥ 1770 1770 1790 1790
Al2O3%≥ 55 55 65 65
Cold breaking strength Mpa≥ (1400×3h) 4 6 4 6
Reheating liner change mm (1400×3h) ﹢1, ﹣5
Granularity mm ≤﹢0.5 2
≥﹣1.0 100

As a kind of joint material, alumina mortar can adjust the scale deviation of the bricks to make the gas regular and load balance and to make masonry a dense overall structure, which is helpful for wear-resistance and avoiding the erosion of gas and molten liquid.

RS High-Quality Refractory Mortar
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Applications of High Alumina Mortar Material

Specifically, alumina mortar can be used in the fixing of structures built by clay bricks. For instance, the blast furnace, hot stove, coke oven, soaking furnace, heat exchanger and boiler. And also, it can be used as masonry material to build furnace roof, re-generator and combustion chamber.

Where to Buy Alumina Mortar

With the enlargement and longevity of various furnaces, the lining material using condition is increasingly harsh. Therefore, the requirement to masonry material is getting higher. The quality of mortar can directly influenced the service life of equipment. To deal with this problem, Rongsheng Refractory Kiln Co, Ltd has spent time and energy to study high quality refractory mortar and has made progress.

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