Steel Ladle Castable

Product introduction:

Steel Ladle Castable is made of Al2o3-SiC series material, which is optimized by the selection of raw material variety, dosage, particle gradation, binder and additive.


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Product Feature:

The basic characteristic of steel ladle castable is that the temperature used is generally not more than 1400℃, the lining must have higher strength, better erosion resistance, good thermal shock resistance. Adding a certain amount of silicon carbide can not only improve the wear resistance and erosion resistance, but also reduce some low melting point materials.

1. The amount of added water shall not exceed 5.3%;
2. More than 35 times of thermal shock;
3. The change of post-firing line was 0.3% ~ 0.8, and the change of re-firing line was 0 ~ 0.2%.


The characteristics of steel ladle castable are as follows:

1. high fire resistance, high temperature performance, long service life;
2. anti-erosion, anti-stripping, corrosion resistance, wear resistance;
3. the construction process is simple, fast, low labor intensity;
4. the use of non-sticky slag, the package wall smooth.


Steel Ladle Castable

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Specification Of Steel Ladle Castable

Item Alumina magnesia castable Alumina magnesia castable High alumina castable
Application Work lining Work lining Permanent lining
Al2O3 %≥ 60 70 60
MgO % ≥ 12 10 /
C % / / /
Refractoriness ℃≥ / / 1790
RUL ℃ ≥ 1200 1350 /
LCR % (1400℃,2h) 0~2 0~2 0~0.3
Apparent porosity % ≤ 23 25 18
CCS MPa ≥ 30 30 30
Max. working temperature ℃ 1700 1700 1650

Steel Ladle Castable Application:

The refractory castable of steel ladle castable has long service life, convenient construction and easy maintenance. It is suitable for the inner lining of steel ladle. It is the best choice of refractory for steel ladle.

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