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Refractory concrete is a kind of monolithic refractory which can serve the high temperature of over 900℃ for a long time without mechanical properties change. Buy refractory concrete compositions are mainly refractory aggregate, admixture, binder and water according to a certain proportion.

Refractory Concrete Material Applied to Kilns and Furnaces
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For its sound performance, refractory concrete can be widely used in metallurgy industry, petroleum industry, chemical industry, power industry, construction industry, mechanical industry. The refractory concrete material possesses strong service life and can not only be used as castable refractory to promote the overall structure but also be used as precast products after casting into certain shapes.

Description of Refractory Concrete

Refractory concrete definition can be generally concluded into that a kind of castable refractory which can be used in high temperature condition, generally about 315℃ to 1315℃. And its features and performances are decided by the refractory materials used to make refractory concrete and the proportion. That is to say, refractory concrete with different refractory aggregate, admixture and binder varies in price.

Refractory Concrete Has Long Service Life
Refractory Concrete Possesses Sound Overall Structure

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The refractory aggregate in refractory concrete can be heavy slag, crushed refractory brick, basalt, bauxite, sintered magnesia and so on. And according to binding agent, refractory concrete can be divided into different types such as aluminate cement refractory concrete, water glass refractory concrete, magnesia refractory concrete and so on. The mixture of refractory concrete can be made into shape by casting, vibrating or ramming, taking different measures to promote hardening according to various binders.

Refractory concrete is a monolithic refractory and can be widely used in various heat treatment equipment and high temperature condition. generally, it is mainly used in industry fields such as metallurgy industry, power industry, mechanical industry, construction and so on. As for the application, refractory concrete is mainly applied for constructing the overall furnace lining or made into precast blocks.

Types of Refractory Concrete

Refractory concrete can be divided into ordinary refractory concrete and light weight refractory concrete. And the ordinary refractory concrete can be further divided into hydraulic refractory concrete, gas hardening refractory concrete and fire hardening refractory concrete. Silicate cement refractory concrete, alumina cement refractory concrete and low calcium aluminate cement concrete can be classified into the hydraulic refractory concrete. Water glass refractory concrete is a kind of gas hardening refractory concrete. And phosphoric acid refractory concrete is a kind of fire hardening refractory concrete. Buy refractory concrete from Rongsheng Refractory Manufacturer, you can get more selection, lower price and faster delivery.

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Advantages of Refractory Concrete

  • Easy Manufacturer Process: Unlike refractory bricks, refractory concrete manufacturer process skips the complex steps in making bricks.
  • Easy for Using: As a kind of monolithic refractory, refractory mortar can be cast into various shapes and can be constructed by machine.
  • Sound Overall Structure: Due to the general feature of refractory concrete, it can be casted into overall structure. Therefore, it would be a complete body which is more dense than bricks and boasts higher wear-resistance.
  • Long Service Life: On the areas of some heating equipment, refractory concrete has superior performance with its sound entirety. Therefore, it can withstand sever shock and abrasion.
  • Higher Cold Crushing Strength: With bulk dense, refractory concrete has high cold crushing strength.
  • Good Thermal Stability: Almost all the aggregate is clinker, and the expansion and shrinkage of cementing material cancel each other. The thermal expansion is lower than refractory concrete.
  • Good for Environment: Refractory concrete uses waste bricks as refractory aggregate which is good for environment by make waste material into use.
  • Energy and Manpower saving: Refractory concrete is mixed according to the construction requirement before construction. And when construction, it will be work after adding some water or liquid binder.

Technical Parameter of Refractory Concrete

Item C20 C30
Al2O3% 40 45
Fe2O3% 4.5 4.0
Refractory Temperature 1300 1350
Crushing Strength 23 30
Refractoriness Under Load 900 1100
Bulk Density 2.2 2.3

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Refractory Concrete Supplier

Since refractory concrete boasts so many good performance, it is popular among industrial fields. For instance, as for the steel making industry which uses blast furnace, it usually uses castable refractory concrete in the field. With so many need for this refractory, there comes out many manufacturers, among which Rongsheng Kiln Refractory Co, Ltd stand a professional stage.

As a castable refractory concrete supplier and manufacturer, Rongsheng possesses professional technology, complete producing line, powerful group and expert skilled technicians. It has exported products to many countries such as UK, Australia, South Africa and so on. During the past decades, Rongsheng is always adhering to the principle of honesty. Hence, it has gained much public praise. With professional technology and public praise, Rongsheng, the refractory concrete supplier, can absolutely provide you with high quality refractory concrete. If you have no idea about where to buy refractory concrete, Rongsheng may be a good choice for you.

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