Refractory Mortar For Sale

Refractory Mortar For Sale in RS as a kind of unshaped refractory materials is used to fill up the seam of refractory products. Refractory mortar is composed with refractory powder, binder and additive. Almost all the refractory raw material can be made into powder for refractory mortar usage. According to its material, refractory mortar ca be divided into fireclay refractory mortar, high alumina refractory mortar, silica refractory mortar and magnesia refractory mortar.

Refractory Mortar Can Be Applied to Fill up Seam
Refractory Mortar Made by Rongsheng

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As a kind of refractory applied for filling up the seam with the refractory temperature of 1650℃, high temperature refractory mortar is widely used in petroleum industry, chemical industry, construction industry and other industries. It can fix the kiln and furnace which is built by bricks and mend the furnace roof.

Description of Refractory Mortar For Sale

High temperature refractory mortar is joint material which can serve the high temperature condition. Almost refractory materials can be made into powder to make up refractory mortar. As for its granularity, products vary from each other according to the specific usage, and the granularity is usually less than 1mm or 0.5mm.

Refractory mortar is usually chosen matching with the refractory that masonry has used. It is widely used in metallurgy, construction, mechanical, petroleum, glass, steel and cement industry.

And refractory mortar is mainly applied for the coke oven, glass furnace, blast furnace, hot blast stove and other industrial furnace.

High Alumina Refractory Mortar for High Alumina Bricks
High Alumina Refractory Mortar
Zirconia Refractory Mortar for Zirconia Bricks
Zirconia Refractory Mortar
Corundum Refractory Mortar for Corundum Bricks
Corundum Refractory Mortar
Silicon Carbide Refractory Mortar for SiC Bricks
Silicon Carbide Refractory Mortar

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Types of Heat Stop Refractory Mortar

  • According to composition, there are fireclay refractory mortar, high alumina refractory mortar, silica refractory mortar, and magnesia refractory mortar.
  • According to binder, there are ceramic bonded refractory mortar, hydraulic refractory mortar,  and chemical bonded refractory.
  • According to construction method, there are finished products and semi-finished refractory products.

Advantages of Refractory Mortar For Sale in RS Supplier

  • Good Plasticity, Easy For Construction
  • Strong Bonding Strength, Strong Corrosion Resistance
  • High Refractory Temperature(About 1650℃)
  • Good Slag Resistance
  • Good Anti-Stripping
Simple Modification of Refractory Mortar
Advantages of Refractory Mortar

Technical Parameters of High Temperature Refractory Mortar

Item High Alumina Refractory Mortar Fireclay Refractory Mortar
Al2O3≥ 65 38
Refractory Temperature≥ 1770 1690
Bonding Time Mins 60~90 60~90
Application Areas built by high alumina bricks such as furnace hearth, furnace bosh, furnace belly Areas built by clay bricks in blast furnace and hot stove

Where to Buy Refractory Mortar?

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