Types of the Refractory Concrete

As a kind of refractory material used widely in various kilns and furnaces, refractory concrete is popular among petroleum industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, construction industry and other industries. And there may be different names for refractory concrete such as high temperature concrete, fireproof concrete, heat resistant concrete and so on. Though these calling is different from each other, they refer to the same thing. Here, let me make a conclusion about the different calling of refractory concrete. Hope this can be helpful for you.

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Types of the Refractory Concrete

  • Classified by temperature, there are high temperature concrete, high heat refractory concrete and high heat concrete.
  • Classified by resistance, there are fireproof concrete, fire resistance concrete, fire resistant concrete and heat resistant concrete.

According to its features, refractory concrete is usually called high temperature concrete high heat refractory concrete and high heat concrete, which is decided by the feature of withstanding high temperature. As we all know, refractory concrete is a monolithic refractory with sound performance, which can withstand the temperature of over 900℃ for a long time. That is the reason that it is popular among high temperature applications.

According to its fireproof feature, refractory concrete is usually called fireproof concrete, fire resistant of concrete, fire resistant concrete and heat resistant concrete. Refractory concrete is a kind of refractory material, therefore it boasts a certain of refractoriness. And in many conditions, it would be called the names of fireproof or fire resistant concrete.

The Supplier of Heat Resistant Concrete

The refractory concrete is indeed a high quality refractory material which has been widely need in many industries. As an proverb goes, where there is need, there is business. There are certainly many manufacturers and suppliers who can provide this refractory. And there is a comprehensive enterprise which takes a leading part in this field and gains much public praise. This enterprise is Rongsheng Refractory Kiln Co, Ltd.

With several decades of development, Rongsheng has promoted itself into a outstanding comprehensive enterprise with professional technology and large scale producing line. We had been one of the most professional refractory concrete manufacturer in China. Adhering to the principle of honesty and putting customers at the superior stage, Rongsheng is a good refractory material manufacturer. It has exported products to many countries, such as UK, Australia, South Africa and so on. Rongsheng boasts professional technology, professional manufacturing process and high quality products, which turns out it is a good choice for you to buy refractory concrete.

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