Refractory Cement and Refractory Castable

Recently, we often encounter customers asking how to choose refractory cement and refractory castable, what is the difference between the two, and so on, today, we will discuss these together, for you to answer questions.


Refractory castable

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First of all, we know that both of these are unshaped refractory materials, refractory cement is a refractory high temperature binder, need to cooperate with aggregate and powder for use. Refractory castable is our factory has been prepared products, including refractory aggregate, powder, binder and retarder.

Refractory castable is a new type of refractory with good fluidity after mixing with water,it is an important kind of amorphous refractory. It can be delivered in bulk form,it can also be made into prefabricated parts.


refractory cement

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Refractory castable usually according to the type of cementing agent, refractory aggregate varieties for classification.

By now, do you know the difference between refractory cement and refractory castable? If you are still not clear, you can contact us directly and inform our customer service staff of your problems and needs. We will serve you wholeheartedly.