What are the Lining of the Heating Furnace?

The heating furnace is divided into furnace, fuel system, air supply system, smoke exhaust system, and cooling system. The furnace is a space composed of the furnace wall, the furnace top, and the furnace bottom, and different pouring materials are used for each part. Let us understand the refractory materials used in the lining of the heating furnace.

Refractory Lining of the Heating Furnace
Refractory Lining of the Heating Furnace

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  1. Low-cement castables are used to wrap the structure of water beam-columns. The column tube and the lower part of the supporting beam in the furnace are all made of low cement castables. Low-cement castables are also used in the low-temperature zone of the heating furnace, flue parts, and furnace body parts that do not exceed 1300°C.
  2. Self-leveling castables are used in the heating furnace where the structure is complicated and cannot be vibrated manually. The use temperature is 1500℃, which is characterized by good thermal shock resistance, high refractoriness, easy construction, and almost no need for vibration.
  3. Phosphate castables are suitable for heating furnace bottoms and other parts that are severely affected by material friction and hot air erosion. The operating temperature is between 1000-1600°C. It is a castable with phosphoric acid or phosphate as the binder and aluminum calcium cement and magnesia as the accelerator.
  4. Mullite castable. Because mullite refractory castable has high thermal shock resistance, erosion resistance, good erosion resistance, good volume stability, and high service temperature. It is generally used in key parts such as furnace walls, furnace roofs, and press beams.
  5. Anti-dry slag castable, suitable for the bottom of the heating furnace, and the place where iron oxide slag is deposited. The use temperature can reach 1600℃. Its main characteristics are high refractoriness, good thermal shock resistance, and good resistance to the corrosion of iron oxide slag in the heating furnace.
  6. Lightweight castable, suitable for heat insulation layer of the furnace wall, furnace roof, flue, etc. High-strength lightweight castables can also be used as working linings for smoke exhaust systems and hot air ducts. It is characterized by low bulk density, good thermal stability, low thermal conductivity, and certain refractoriness.
  7. Bauxite cement castable is a castable produced by mixing various refractory aggregates and powders in a certain proportion with aluminate cement as a cementing agent. It has the characteristics of fast solidification, high strength, thermal shock resistance, and slag resistance. It not only meets the refractory performance of the heating furnace body but also improves the construction performance of the furnace body.
  8. The advantage of fire-resistant plastic is that there are no gaps in the overall construction and good airtightness. The furnace lining uses a large number of plastic materials instead of castables and is mainly used for the top of the furnace.
Low Cement Castable Refractory Material
Low Cement Castable Refractory Material

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What is the Meaning of the Refractory Castables Grades?

The various castables used for the lining of the heating furnace have been introduced above. How to make a specific distinction between them? This introduces the definition of refractory castable grades. What is the meaning of refractory castable grades? It is usually used in combination with numbers and pinyin letters to distinguish the material, performance, and purpose of the castable. Refractory castable grades have refractory standards and the settings of different castable manufacturers. Next, we will learn about the types and grades of common refractory castables.

Classification of Refractory Castables

1. Classified by material, silicon castable, clay castable, high alumina castable, mullite castable, corundum castable, aluminum-magnesium castable, etc.

2. According to the purpose, it can be divided into several types of castables for industrial furnaces, such as castables for steel rolling furnaces, castables for tapping channels, castables for mixing furnaces, and castables for cement kilns.

3. According to the bulk density, it can be divided into light castable and heavy castable.

4. According to its characteristics, it can be divided into refractory steel fiber reinforced castable, anti-skinning castable, low cement castable, high-strength castable, etc.

Mullite castable price
Mullite Refractory Castable with High-Quality

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Grades of Refractory Castables

1. Brands of silicon castables: rsg-70, rsg-60, rsg-50, etc. Among them, rs is the manufacturer of Rongsheng castables, G is the main material selected for castables is silicon, and the quantity is the silicon content.

2. Brand of castable clay: nn-45. Among them, the first n is clay as the binder, and the second n is the main material selected for the clay castable. The number is the main component content of the clay castable)

3. Grades of high-aluminum castables: nl-70, nl-60. Among them, n is clay as a binder, l is the main material selected for the castable is high aluminum material, and the quantity is the aluminum content of the high aluminum castable.

4, aluminum-magnesium castable grades: amc-70, amc-80, etc. Among them, a, m, and C are the English initials of alumina, magnesia, and castable. The number is the content of the main raw materials selected for aluminum-magnesium castables.

  1. Castable grades for steel rolling heating furnace: zj-42, zj-60, zjs-65, etc. Among them, Z is the steel rolling heating furnace, J is the castable, and s is a part of the water-cooled tube of the heating furnace. The number is the main material content selected for the castable of the steel rolling heating furnace.

6. Grades of castable for iron ditch: Asc-1, Asc-2, Asc-3. Among them, a, s, and C are the English initials of alumina, silicon carbide, and carbon. The number is only used to distinguish the castable grade.

The above is the introduction of a refractory castable brand. Hope you can understand the meaning of the casting brand after reading it. There are many brands of refractory castables, some are set by the castable manufacturers themselves, and some are set in accordance with refractory standards. No matter what way the refractory castable is named, it is to distinguish the material, grade, performance, and purpose of the refractory castable.

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