Abrasion Resistant Castable For Sale

Generally speaking, abrasion resistant castable is generally used in the furnace where dust erosion is very serious. Abrasion resistant castable sales are in the use of the furnace temperature process of high temperature wear resistant castable sintering, so as to complete the necessary physical and chemical process. And in their own use to automatically adapt to the use of requirements. It is a good wear resistant unshape castable.


Abrasion resistant castable sales
Abrasion resistant castable sales

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Combined with the market situation, CFB boiler has high thermal efficiency and low emission pollution, and is mostly used in thermal power plants and heating projects. Furnace lining temperature in 800℃-1100℃, after a long period of dust erosion, so the castable in the place of wear resistance has high requirements. We are also in the process of production refractory castable, constantly adjust the production process, the corresponding reduction to add small particles, so that the wear resistance of continuous improvement.

The abrasion resistant castable sales can be used directly by adding water and stirring on the site of use, with good construction and workability. Through manual plastering, the anti-wear layer of a certain thickness can be formed on the surface of the silo or groove, and the technical requirements can be reached after normal maintenance.

Abrasion resistant castable advantage:

1. High strength, high wear resistance, shock resistance, erosion resistance and oil permeability resistance;
2. Good flame retardant, low water absorption, high and low temperature resistance;
3. Good durability and long service life;
4. Simple construction, quick operation and easy to grasp;
5. Good integrity, easy to repair, not easy to fall off;
6. Non-toxic, tasteless, green and environmentally friendly, no physical damage to the operator.


Abrasion resistant castable price
Abrasion resistant castable price

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Abrasion resistant castable sales are dedicated to metallurgy, coal, thermal power, chemical industry, cement and other industries of slag gully, mine trough, coal discharge trough, hopper, silo lining anti-wear layer and water conservancy, hydropower, port wharf and other projects, anti-wear layer of discharge hopper, to protect the foundation concrete (or steel silo) role.

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