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For the high aluminum refractory castable high strength of advantage, I believe that we will have a question is why the high aluminum castable strength so high? Today, this article begins by answering that question.


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High alumina castable refractory have the low content of calcium oxide, reduces the generation of low melts in refractory material, thereby improving the refractoriness, high temperature strength and slag resistance of the refractory product. The amount of water used for refractory castable is only about one half of that of the ordinary castable, thereby increasing the compactness of the castable and reducing the porosity, after molding and curing, the generated refractory cement hydrate is small. This series of castable refractory when heating and baking, there is no large amount of water leakage, and the medium temperature strength is lowered. However, as the temperature increases, refractory material gradually sinters and the strength is continuously improved, high alumina castable has the least wear loss, high strength, arbitrary shape control, strong integrity, simple construction and good construction performance. And due to the addition of high molecular polymer, the base concrete is firmly bonded.

The high aluminum castable refractory have high strength, good high temperature performance, stable volume, small thermal conductivity, strong resistance to slag penetration, erosion resistance, convenient construction, strong furnace structure and other characteristics.And have high strength, impact resistance, mechanical wear resistance and high temperature high speed airflow,is high quality refractory castable product,all qualifications, price concessions, is one of the hot – selling products.


High aluminum castable refractory

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