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Low cement refractory castable is a new type of castable containing a small amount of binder. Today, I will introduce to you the current low cement castable some of the production process, to help you understand more, welcome users in need, to consult to buy.


Low cement refractory castable

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The reason why many users will adopt low cement castable overall casting is that low cement castable is a kind of high-tech refractory developed on ordinary castable by using rheology principle, the most compact packing theory and the superfine powder technology. It has the characteristics of low porosity, small size of porosity, large density, good volume stability, high strength and small amount of added water, and overcome the ordinary castable at 800 ~ 1200℃ when the strength of the significant decline in the characteristics, and with the increase of temperature and increase, so can make the furnace body thermal shock more than double.

The principle of preparing low cement refractory castable is to select the particle gradation, superfine powder and admixture. In the refractory castable, the admixtures used are mainly water-reducing agent and dispersing agent.

This series of refractory castable has the advantages of most refractory castables, such as high density, low porosity, high strength, low wear, thermal shock and corrosion resistance. The effect is good and the social and economic benefits are remarkable.


Low cement refractory castable price

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