Steel Fiber Refractory Castable Advantage

Steel fiber refractory castable refers to a certain size of heat resistant steel fiber added to the mix for the preparation of castable refractory. Or now fluidized bed boiler widely used as a wear-resistant material.


Steel fiber refractory castable

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The use of steel fiber castable, furnace lining no seam, the fiber is arranged in a three-dimensional direction, in high temperature use, furnace lining will not produce directional shrinkage, will not
produce cracks, furnace lining integrity is good, good air tightness, good insulation effect, long service life. Steel fiber refractory castable construction process is simple, fast, material consumption is small.The requirement of anchoring nail position for furnace lining is not strict and the construction is quick and easy. It is particularly convenient for the construction of backlining insulation layer with anchor brick structure.

This type of refractory castable has better mechanical properties, certain strength and bearing capacity, strong resistance to airflow erosion.The steel fiber castable has strong adaptability to the
atmosphere in the furnace and can be used in various fuel furnaces.Improve stress resistance, mechanical shock resistance, thermal shock resistance, cracking resistance and peeling resistance, and restrain linear shrinkage after curing, drying and heat treatment.

Steel fiber refractory castable is the use of super grade bauxite clinker most aggregate, high quality bauxite clinker and corundum fine powder as the matrix, ultramicron powder and other composite materials as a binder and additives, in addition to join the stainless steel heat resistant fiber preparation. In addition to the conventional high-temperature wear resistance, the refractory castable product also adds a certain amount of heat-resistant stainless steel fiber in its ingredients to prevent the expansion of the aggregate and matrix in the material in the high temperature state, and the stress caused by the change of temperature gradient in the start and stop of the furnace, which leads to the destruction of the furnace wall. At the same time, due to the addition of steel fiber, the overall strength of the furnace wall after pouring is greatly enhanced.


Steel fiber refractory castable for sale

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Steel fiber refractory castable in CFB boiler, often used for furnace outlet and side wall, top, cyclone separator straight section, cyclone separator top, feeder and other parts.

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