High Alumina Refractory Castable Production

Compared with other unshaped refractory, high alumina refractory castable has higher binder and moisture content and better fluidity, so its application range is wider.It can be used either directly as a lining or as a precast block.


High alumina refractory castable sales

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High alumina refractory castable is made by scientific application of factors such as optimization of particle gradation, micro powder, particle morphology, and addition of a small amount of dispersant (water-reducing agent) and an appropriate amount of retarder and other compound admixtures.

High alumina refractory castable advantage:

1.The low content of calcium oxide in the refractory castable can reduce the formation of low eutectic phase, thus improving the refractoriness, high temperature strength and slag resistance.

2.The water requirement of high aluminum castable is greatly reduced, the porosity is low and the volume density is high.

3.It is during heating and baking, there is not a large number of broken hydration bonds, which makes the strength at medium temperature decrease. With the increase of heat treatment temperature, the strength also increases.

This series of refractory castable is mainly used in metallurgy, electric power, nonferrous metals, petrochemical, building materials and other industries.Such as glass kiln tin tank bottom, cement kiln front and rear kiln door cover cooling machine front end and other high temperature resistant parts, front and rear kiln mouth, coal spraying pipe; Heating furnace, soaking furnace and other heat treatment furnace;Lining of medium frequency induction furnace, high temperature wear resistant lining of catalytic cracking reactor of petrochemical industry, lining of other industrial furnaces. The construction method of spot pouring, daub and ramming can be adopted.


High alumina refractory castable

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In addition to the extensive application of high alumina refractory castable in cement kilns, in other industrial kilns use the effect is also very good. If you need refractory castable, welcome to call
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