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Steel fiber reinforced castable is a kind of refractory material with good wear resistance consistent.The production process is to add a certain size of heat-resistant steel fiber in the wear-resisting refractory castable, and add refractory aggregate, binder and admixture and other mixed refractory materials, the construction method of casting construction.


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This series of refractory castable use method and the use of concrete consistent, determine the good formulation and raw material mixing processing, vibrator is used for compaction, then after curing and heat treatment. Due to the particularity of castable used parts, so according to different site conditions, also need to guarantee the quality of construction.

Steel fiber reinforced castables can inhibit the shrinkage of refractory castables during curing, baking and high temperature service.It can also improve the toughness, mechanical shock resistance and mechanical strength of steel fiber castable.Then prevent the thermal and mechanical stress of the series castable under the action of micro-crack expansion or expansion, thus causing cracking or peeling.

In CFB boiler, steel fiber reinforced castable is often used at the outlet of furnace, side wall, top, straight section of cyclone separator, top of cyclone separator, and so on.This castable is one of the hot selling products in recent years, welcome to consult!


Steel fiber reinforced castable

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