What is the Effect of Adding Steel Fiber to Different Castables

Adding steel fiber to the refractory castable can enhance the toughness of the castable. Moreover, it can enhance the wear degree and mechanical impact of the castable, and more importantly, improve the thermal shock stability of the castable.

steel fiber refractory castable

The critical point of adding steel fiber to the castable is at 1350℃. If it exceeds 1350°C, the steel fiber will not play its due role. Like some castables used at positions exceeding 1400°C, there is no need to add steel fiber. No matter how much it is added, it will not have any effect, but it will increase the cost of the castable.

Like cement rotary kiln, white ash rotary kiln, pellet rotary kiln front and rear kiln mouths can use steel fiber-added refractory castables, because the front and rear kiln mouths have many castings, it is impossible to use refractory bricks for masonry, use steel fiber-added refractory pouring The material is not only resistant to tension and compression, but also resistant to fatigue and abrasion.

Not only steel fibers are added to refractory castables, but also appropriate amounts of steel fibers can be added to plastics and ramming materials to improve cracking resistance and peeling resistance. And in the curing process, adding steel fiber can prevent the linear shrinkage of the castable.

However, the amount of steel fiber added should not be too large, which will cause internal changes in the castable. After the castable is sintered at a high temperature, the expansion coefficient will increase and the thermal conductivity will also increase. Especially during construction, excessive addition of steel fiber will cause unnecessary troubles for construction.

There are many kinds of refractory castables with steel fiber, and there are many grades, such as high aluminum and steel fiber, corundum and steel fiber, mullite and steel fiber, and silicon carbide steel fiber. Compound refractory castable. It’s just that different proportions are added under different circumstances.

However, the amount of addition is a technical field, but if the temperature exceeds 1350 ℃, do not add steel fiber, not only does not work. On the contrary, the increase in cost also adds inconvenience to the construction.