Characteristics Of High Aluminum Castable

High aluminum castable is one of the most widely used castable, no matter what kind of material, thermal shock resistance, fire resistance, wear resistance is the most critical indicators.

High alumina refractory castable has the characteristics of high fire resistance, low air tightness, thermal shock resistance and corrosion resistance. Can be in the boiler, blast furnace, hot blast
furnace, heating furnace, ceramic furnace and other kiln furnace lining.


High aluminum castable price

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Characteristics of high aluminum castable:

1. Cement low of amount reduces the amount of low melting phase in the castable, makes the content of calcium in the castable low, and makes the strength of high aluminum castable increase obviously in the later stage.

2. Low water consumption during construction will increase the density of castable and reduce porosity.

3. High alumina castable not only has high strength at normal temperature, but also has no decrease in strength after medium, moderate and high temperature treatment, and its strength is higher than that of traditional refractory castable.

4. Good volumetric stability at high temperature.

High aluminum castable price is determined according to the height of body density, generally speaking, less burners or low body density of high aluminum, the production of refractory castable will be relatively low, if the body density of high castable, the price will be relatively high.


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