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Clay castable is one of the most common and basic unshaped refractory castable.Physical and chemical indexes of clay castable are also related to the application environment of the castable, which shows whether the clay castable is suitable for industrial kiln.The chemical composition, bulk density, refractoriness, compressive strength, flexural strength and rate of change after firing are included in the physicochemical indexes of clay castable.


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Clay castable is refractory clay clinker or bauxite as refractory aggregate,add other binder additives such as powder and soft clay, and make strict preparation according to formula proportion,then put in the mixer in order, according to the technical requirements, and mix the refractory castable,the service temperature is generally 1300~1450℃.

This series of refractory castable can be applied in a wide range of high-temperature industrial kilns, such as soaking pit furnace and steel rolling furnace, various heat treatment furnace, boiler, rotary kiln preheating zone, blast furnace, electric furnace, converter and other industrial kiln lining.The index of clay castable in our factory can be customized according to customer demand. Different physical and chemical indexes can be used in different range of kilns, different effects and different prices.

The content of aluminum in the clay castable can be produced according to the customer’s demand. The content of Al2O3 ranges from 30% to 48%. The volume density ranges from 0.8g/cm3 to 2.2g/cm3. Moreover, the level of the physical and chemical indexes of clay castable can be controlled by the recipe of the castable and the refractory materials used. Therefore, the physical and chemical indexes of different uses of clay castable are also different.


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