Low Cement Castable For Heating Furnace

The content of low cement castable Al2O3 is 55%~67%, and the compressive strength after drying and firing at 1400℃ is respectively 15~30MPa and 40~65MPa. Compared with low cement castable with high aluminum content and strength, its thermal shock stability is better. In the low cement castable with appropriate amount of expansion agent and materials containing aluminum and silicon, so as to use to produce micro-expansion, thus preventing the formation of cracks.


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The low cement castable used in the heating furnace can be sintered and formed as a whole in the process of using 1000~1350℃ by adding proper amount of sinter and other materials in the preparation process, which can adapt to the working conditions of double-sided heating.

This series of refractory castable has the advantages of high service temperature, good abrasion resistance, heat resisting shock, anti-spalling, good volume stability at high temperature and convenient construction. Widely used in heating furnace, soaking furnace lining, tundish lining, electric furnace top, iron ditch, RH lifting pipe, spray gun and so on.

Low cement refractory castable is mainly used in boilers, petrochemical industrial furnaces, metallurgical systems and low temperature thermal equipment.


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