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Lightweight insulation castable using lightweight aggregate and high quality refractory raw, admixture as the main raw materials, after mixing and refining.Have excellent mechanical properties, excellent heat insulation performance, energy saving and consumption reduction, convenient construction, very suitable for CFB boiler, chemical, petroleum and other industrial kiln furnace insulation parts or directly used in furnace lining.


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Light insulation castable volume density is small, low thermal conductivity, can reduce the weight of the equipment, good thermal insulation characteristics, energy saving and high refractory strength, the overall performance is strong, good anti-peeling performance, long service life.And can be arbitrary repair processing of various shapes or the whole furnace lining, a wide range of applications, worthy of customer trust.

Before preparing for construction, we should ensure that this refractory castable is kept dry and free of caking. It should be protected from rain and moisture. Construction parts should be kept clean, the inner wall should not adhere to debris, avoid the construction of castable affected, resulting in material waste.


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Zhengzhou Rongsheng Kiln Refractory Co.,Ltd. is high quality light insulation castable manufacturer,with automatic production line, high efficiency, fast delivery, stable product performance. Welcome customers to contact us.