Introduction to Unshaped Refractory Materials

Unshaped refractory materials have refractory castable, refractory cement, refractory can be plastic and other refractory products.Because function is different, construction way is different, these products have certain distinction in essence.For those who are not familiar with refractories, it is very easy to confuse these three products. Today, we will briefly introduce the differences between these three products through the following text, to help you quickly understand.


Refractory cement

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Refractory cement, also known as high temperature cement, it is bauxite, limestone as raw materials, the main components are Al2O3 and CaO.Refractory cement, usually yellow or brown but occasionally gray, is used to prepare refractory concrete with special materials added.It has the advantages of rapid coagulation, high strength and high temperature resistance,applicable to various industrial kilns,the refractory degree can reach 1450℃ and the refractory concrete strength can reach 55MPa, which is one of the excellent high-temperature binder materials in industrial kiln engineering.

Refractory cement is simple and convenient to use, can harden after adding water to mediate, do not need to add other binder commonly, but should add if some refractory aggregate and powder.The product is used for cementing various refractory aggregates into refractory mortar or concrete, used for lining cement rotary kilns and other industrial kilns.


Refractory castable

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Refractory castable with high quality refractory aggregate as the main raw material, powder filled with each other to form a dense structure, high aluminum cement as a binder, and then add dispersant and other admixture configuration from the construction of castable unshaped refractory.

Refractory castable according to the use of the main material is different, divided into clay, high aluminum, mullite, just jade, magnesium, and so on. According to use way different, can be divided into pouring molding, self-flow molding, spraying construction, daub construction, can also be made into prefabricated parts.


Refractory plastic

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Refractory plastic with refractory aggregate and powder based, add appropriate combination of clay or chemical agent, add admixture, add water after fully mixed and made of adobe or mud closed material, in the specified storage period, has a good plasticity.It is used in heating furnace, soaking furnace, heat treatment furnace, boiler and other thermal equipment.

According to the above refractory castable, refractory cement, refractory can be a simple introduction of plastic, I believe that we can recognize the difference between this and various materials of different characteristics.If you have any product requirements, please contact us. Zhengzhou Rongsheng Kiln Refractory Co., ltd. as a professional manufacturer of Refractory material and can produce a variety of different types of Refractory products, product types is basically material quality and construction method to classify, our product variety is complete, can satisfy all kinds of power plant boilers, industrial furnaces, etc of high temperature resistant requirements of thermal technology equipment, product quality excellent, worthy of your trust.