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Low cement refractory castable refers to the castable with little binding dosage, which has excellent thermal shock resistance, slag resistance and erosion resistance. It can further reduce the binding content according to customer requirements to make ultra-low cement castable or cement free castable.

Generally speaking, the cement content of refractory cement castable is 15% ~ 20%, the cement content of low cement castable is about 5%, and some can even be reduced to 1% ~ 2%. The main purpose of reducing the cement content is to improve the refractory performance of castable, extend the service life.


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In many industrial construction, low cement castable is often used for overall pouring. It is which has the characteristics of low porosity, small porosity size, large density, good volume stability, high strength, small water addition and improving thermal shock performance. Is a high grade refractory castable, because of the low CaO content in cement, so called low cement refractory castable.

What are the common low cement refractory castable we have at present? According to the selected refractory materials can be made into high aluminum and low cement castable, corundum low cement castable, aluminum and magnesium spinel low cement castable. According to the construction performance, it can be divided into artesian low cement castable and vibration low cement castable.

Low cement castable used in the heating furnace, heat treatment furnace, furnace cover, shaft kiln and rotary kiln taphole blast furnace and ladle, the hot metal ladle lining, more used for part complex of the construction. It can greatly improve the overall effect, in the process of production reduce CaO content , to enhance the overall performance of the castable, increase the service life of the lining.


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Rongsheng Kiln Refractory Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of low cement castables, which can provide low cement castables of various materials. If you need more price information about low cement castables, you can give us a message, we will provide you with detailed information about low cement castables.