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Aluminum cement is a hydraulic cementation material made of high alumina or industrial alumina and calcium carbonate (limestone) in a certain proportion, calcined or electrofused clinker made of calcium aluminate as the main component, alumina content more than 50%, and then ground. The series of refractory cement is usually yellow or brown, but also gray. The main mineral components of alumina cement manufacturing are monocalcium aluminate and other aluminate, and a small amount of dicalcium silicate, etc. It has a high refractory temperature and stability, and is often used as a binder for unshaped refractory materials.


Alumina cement manufacturing
Alumina cement manufacturing

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Alumina Cement Application

1. Binder for unshaped refractory materials;

2. Alumina cement manufacturing has high heat resistance, and refractory thick and fine aggregate (such as chromite, etc.) can be made into high temperature resistant (1300 ~ 1400℃) heat resistant concrete;

3. It is used for construction emergency works. Aluminate cement is fast in setting and hardening, and its 1D strength can reach more than 80% of its strength. It is mainly used for emergency projects within construction period, such as national defense, roads, special emergency repair works (leak plugging) and temporary works.

4. High alumina cement is mainly used in sulphate corrosion resistant engineering. It has strong resistance to sulfate corrosion under ordinary hardening conditions, because the cement stone does not contain tricalcium aluminate and calcium hydroxide, and the density is large.

5. This series of refractory cement can also be used in winter construction. Aluminate cement has high hydration heat and concentrated heat release. The heat of hydration released within 1d is 70% ~ 80% of the total amount, which makes the internal temperature of concrete rise higher. Even under -10℃ construction, aluminate cement can set and harden quickly, which can be used for winter construction.

Alumina Cement Advantage

1. It has stable performance, high strength, fast generating strength and strong applicability.

2. Can also be used to prepare refractory castable, prepared low cement refractory castable, light refractory castable, refractory spray coating and other indeterminate refractory materials.

3. High alumina refractory cement can be used to produce precast refractory blocks, slag balls and other shaped refractory materials.

4. Prepare temporary fast construction, rush repair, support concrete, prepare sulfate resistant mortar and other building materials.


Alumian refractory cement supply
Alumian refractory cement supply

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Alumina cement manufacturing can be combined with refractory aggregate, powder and some additives into refractory castable, with higher liquidity, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, such as high aluminum castable, steel fiber castable, corundum wear castable. We are not only the manufacturer, but also to provide customers with quality after-sales services, timely delivery of goods, timely delivery, customer satisfaction and then sign for customers to save time and cost.

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