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High alumina cement for sale, it is a kind of fast hard, high strength, heat and corrosion resistant cementing materials. The main characteristics are high early strength, high temperature and corrosion resistance. High alumina cement is mainly used for urgent projects during the construction period, such as pressure prevention, road and special rush repair projects. It can also be used for winter construction projects.

Where calcium aluminate is given priority to, alumina content is about 50% clinker, grind hydraulic cementitious material, call high alumina cement. Also known as refractory cement, professional name: aluminate cement.


High alumina cement for sale
High alumina cement for sale

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High alumina cement advantages:

1. Early strength characteristics: its early strength improvement rate is much higher than that of fast hard Portland cement, which is suitable for emergency repair projects, but its strength will be reduced in the later stage, which limits its use in structural engineering.

2. High hydration heat: early cement hardening heat release, and the same grade of Portland cement, only one day can be released 70~80% of the total amount of hydration heat. Because of several kinds of exothermic heat, it is suitable for low temperature curing concrete project.

3. Strong resistance to sulfate attack: free calcium hydroxide is not precipitated in the hydration process, but aluminum hydroxide gel is generated to form a protective film on the surface of particles. The corrosion resistance was decreased in the late crystal transformation.

4. High temperature resistance: high aluminum cement can be used as the cementing material of heat- resistant concrete and configured into heat-resistant concrete.

High alumina cement for sale, mainly used for the preparation of unshaped refractory materials, preparation of gypsum alumina expansion cement, self-stress cement and other special purposes of cement, rush construction, rush repair, resistance to sulfate erosion and winter construction and other special needs of the project construction. Our factory produces high quality refractory cement, the price is reasonable, the certification qualification is complete, the production experience is rich, the production equipment automation degree is high, welcome everyone to come to consult.


High alumina cement manufacturer

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