High Alumina Refractory Castable Range Of Application

High alumina refractory castable use is widely. Widely used in heating furnace, soaking furnace, heat treatment furnace, rotary kiln and so on. It is also used in lining of various high temperature burners, lining of water pipe of heating furnace, parts of steel refining equipment outside the furnace and high temperature wear resistant lining of catalytic cracking reactor of petrochemical industry. It can also be used as lining of blast furnace outlet groove, cupola outlet groove, integral powder gun for molten iron pretreatment, etc. It can also be made into large prefabricated blocks and lining.


High alumina refractory castables

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The high temperature strength and thermal stability of blast furnace refractory castable are further improved by using patented scientific formula. The content of calcium oxide was effectively controlled and the low eutectic phase of the material was reduced. So as to improve the degree of fire resistance, high temperature strength and slag resistance.

This series of refractory castable is mainly made of refractory high alumina raw materials with new micro powder technology and high efficiency compound chemical additives. High alumina refractory castable use,characterized by simple production process, convenient construction, high temperature structure strength, acid and alkali chemical erosion resistance.

High alumina refractory castable advantage

1. The load softening temperature is high;
2. Long service life;
3. Construction is convenient and fast;
4. Improve the insulation performance and reduce the heat energy loss;
5. Reduce the environmental working temperature and have obvious economic benefits.

As one of the high temperature resistant materials, high aluminum refractory castable use is usually constructed by pouring method into integral lining. The high alumina castable uses less water for construction, usually 6-7% of the refractory castable component, resulting in high density and low porosity. Moreover, this type of castable has good volume stability at high temperature.


High alumina refractory castable price

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