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High aluminum refractory castable

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High alumina refractory castable is a high quality refractory high alumina castable made of high alumina raw materials as aggregate and powder, plus binder.It is mainly used for lining of boiler, hot blast furnace, heating furnace, ceramic kiln. It is one of the high quality refractory castable.

The content of high alumina refractory castable cement is low, which reduces the production of low melt in the material and improves the product’s refractoriness, high temperature strength and slag resistance. In the process of stirring, the water consumption is only about half of that of ordinary castable, which improves the compactness of the castable and reduces the porosity.

This series of refractory castables will produce less cement hydrate after curing, and no moisture will be leaked during heating and baking, thus reducing the strength at medium temperature. Moreover, with the continuous increase of temperature, the material will be sintered gradually and the strength will be continuously improved.


High aluminum refractory castable price

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High alumina refractory castable is widely used in different parts of lining such as power station, heating furnace, melting furnace and heat treatment furnace. Excellent quality, comprehensive service, rich experience, products exported to 62 countries and regions around the world, welcome to consult the purchase of refractories.